The One Armed Archer


The One armed archer

“you’re going to need a little faith — a faith that you make it through and, lastly, a sense of humor.” — Gabe George

Meet Gabriel ‘Gabe’ George, a retired Navy corpsman, advanced scuba diver, certified sailor, and pickleball enthusiast. Gabe George is considered a fast rising Paralympic athlete.

Known for his good humor and persevering spirit, Gabe is the very definition of overcoming the odds. Over a decade ago, Gabe was involved in a nearly fatal motorcycle accident. A couple of months went by before it was confirmed that he had a brachial plexus injury with an avulsion of the spinal cord, which paralyzed his right arm, along with a Spinal Cord Injury (C-5 to T-2) and, a mild Traumatic Brain Injury.

After nearly a decade of trying to find his way, Gabe realized his calling was what he describes as becoming a ‘motivational doer’. By taking this approach, he has been able to provide others with the right tools and knowledge. Along the way, he has helped countless veterans, friends, and peers unleash their potential, paving the way towards both personal and professional success.